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Last Updated: April 25, 2001

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Whaddaya Want, Jokes?

Slave Reparations Hue Betcha! (4/25/01)
Havana(s) on $65 Billion a Day
A Fascist Weasel on the Floppy-Breast Barricades
Some Great Things About Rifles
Take the Alcoholics Anonymous Juicer Quiz
Hot Off the Press Release

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Art & Miscellaneous

Redneck Splendor (in progress, updated 4/13/01)
Quickie Product Reviews #1 (4/13/01)
The Parable of the Good Cop
Hollering from a Fresh Platform
High Street Death March
Restaurant Review
Movies You Need to Catch
Review of Jim Goad's Redneck Manifesto
Wine as a Subversive Art

Gun Articles

Extended Report on Estate Reduced-Recoil Buckshot (2/2/01)
Alley-Sweeping for Skinflints: The Norinco Ithaca 37 Clone (still frustratingly in progress)
Another Cheapjack Flashlight Rig
Running, Jumping, and Standing Very Still
The 75-Yard Riot Gun?
Tactical Shotguns on the Sod
Some Skinny on the NATO 5.56mm L110/M856 Tracer Round
Pattern-Testing with 00-Buck
The Beretta 1201FP Shotgun
The Bushmaster M17S Bullpup
My Favorite AR-15

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Political Crapola

Elian Raid Bright Spots
America First! and the Mega-Corporation
Gimping Along With the GOP
My Grandkids? Those Cheap Bastards!
Why the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is Still Relevant
Don't Blame Violence on Guns
The World's Most Direct Political Quiz

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Graphic Evidence

Jane's Said (6/9)
Aaaahhh! The jingle! Their jingle's in my head!!!
My Favorite T-Shirt
Let's Play State of The Union Bingo!
Same Shit, Different November


Why I Will Never, Ever, Get Laid Again
Beaver Shots and Bloodshed
A Slight Meditation On Sex, Spun Off From a Recent Event
Where Have All the Barflies Gone?
Traveler Alert: Cellular Phones on the Highway of Death
Knob Creek Hell
Why I Won't Use PGP

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