Press Release

CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA - 6/23/00: The Handgun Controller Institute is proud to announce the First Annual "Bring a Gun to School" Day. On Friday, September 31st of this year, the children of America’s public schools are encouraged to bring a loaded rifle, pistol, or shotgun along with them. The Institute is proposing this bold step as a means of illustrating the weakness of our current gun laws and the absurdity of the positions taken by the NRA and pro-gun politicians by what is certain to be a spectacular protest conducted by our most precious little citizens.

The Handgun Controller Institute acknowledges that there may still be some children in the nation who do not have immediate access to firearms and/or bullets, and plans to make available items collected over the years during their various gun buy-back programs. Interested students will be able to find the required "I Need A Gun, Please" postage-paid postcards in the candy aisles of major supermarkets beginning on Saturday, June 31st. If the supplies run out, the Institute will make voucher packets available that will contain a coupon good for the purchase of crowbars, bolt-cutters, and similar tools, and a list of gun owners in their area based upon information provided by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

The initiative is already gaining vocal support on Capitol Hill, most notably by Senator Frank Schottenberg (D-NJ), the architect of "Tony’s Law", which prevents breakfast food manufacturers from ever being able to place small handguns as prizes into cereal boxes containing more than 25 percent sugar by weight. The Senator is hoping that the success of the Bring a Gun to School initiative will aid his campaign for new legislation to expand upon the earlier Gun Free School Zone Act, with an eye towards increasing the radius of safety from the current 1000 feet to a much more reasonable 1020 feet. The Senator asked: "How can we deny our kids that extra peace of mind, when they are our link to the future?"

More information on this project will be released as soon as it becomes available.

The Handgun Controller Institute is the premier organization dedicated to the disarming of felons, the mentally ill, children, and men and women everywhere.


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