HCI Announces Week of Seminars

by LF (7/31/99)

Since a gaggle of yellow-drawered babies have taken me to task for being so "unfair" to my enemies, please stand fast while's I pass along something that'll make their little toes curl-up in their footie pajamas.

My buds from North Carolinians for Gun Control have managed to persuade the big dogs over at Handgun Control Inc. to hold their yearly skull-session/propaganda pow-wow in Chapel Hill later this year. Minds will be expanded, political palms will be greased, blinders will be fitted, constitutions will be shredded, and the consciences of rich white folk who live many miles and countless cordons of cops away from any crime will be assuaged.

After a bit of scouring, I even managed to uncover a tentative schedule of the workshops and gabfests they plan to offer:

Monday, September 13th

Tuesday, September 14th

Wednesday, September 15th

Thursday, September 16th

Friday, September 17th

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