The Return of the Miller Cub

by LF (9/4/98)

"Warriors, come out and PLAY-EE-YAY . . ."

That line was the first thing that popped into my head after a co-worker and I snuck out from the job early on a Friday afternoon two weeks ago, ending up at a local Harris Teeter. Sitting atop the Miller Brewery section was a sole eight-pack of High Life Cubs, seven-ounce bottles that I'd not seen in way too many years.

"Cubbies" were regular fixtures during my early drinking days, along with Mickey's grenade-loopers and 79-cent quarts of Hamms. Unlike the others, they served several extremely useful purposes, all of which are still applicable today:

As soon as I spotted those cute little beauties, I cocked my head to one side and chanted the relevant line from Walter Hill's 1979 movie The Warriors, which my friend had unfortunately never seen. That particular bit came near the end of the flick, when this really wormy gang skell challenges the "good" guys to death-rumble while clinking three shorty beer bottles on his fingers. Cubbies, if I remember correctly.

I provided my pal with the skinny. Then he was up to speed.

We bought the Cubs and some other stuff, and hit the road. We got pleasantly lubed before splitting off.

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